Update-U6 MegaDate is this Wednesday 6/16 at 5:30pm (NO Tuesday 6/15 Sherwood U6)

We will have all of the teams together for a big U6 event organized by our DOC, Coach Modeste. Remember that is you are normally in Sherwood, this is the one week things are different. Don't come to your regular Tuesday evening...we will all be at Grignon on Wednesday 6/16.

Our event will be at Kaukauna's Grignon Park at 5:30pm. Coach Modeste will be providing information on how the games will be organized at the field, so find your teammates and stay with them.

We will have our concessions area open. We're looking for a couple of volunteers to help open and run it. If you're willing to help out for the session, please sign up HERE.

Thanks for a great season everyone!